Aura Navan Swimming Lessons [Week 2-4]

Hi Guys and Gals and welcome back to my blogging series on my adult swimming lessons with Aura Leisure Center in Navan! If you haven’t read my first post on the lessons you can find it here.

I’ve been attending the lessons for 4 weeks now so I’ve officially reached the halfway point and I really have to say that I’m enjoying them immensely. I can feel myself getting more confident and also getting a lot quicker in the water too. I’m delighted with the progress that I’ve made on my breast stroke and in particular my back stroke… I didn’t realize that for the last 10 years or so I’d been doing the back stroke completely wrong!

Breakdown of the lessons

I’ve had a few people ask me what we do in the lessons so here’s a quick breakdown if you’re wondering yourself. We’ll always start off by breaking a stroke down – so for instance if we are swimming a few lengths of front crawl we’ll firstly start swimming with just our legs, and on the next length we’ll bring in one arm with the legs and then we’ll finally move onto swimming with both arms and legs. After each length our instructor Susan will correct us on our technique. You’d be surprised about how much you learn about your technique when you swim like this.. I know I was! We’ll normally stick with this format for each stroke (front crawl, back crawl and brease stroke) until everyone feels confident with the strokes. You can really feel yourself getting stronger and faster in the water every time that you do a length which is great.

We have been ending the lessons by practicing our dives. This is possibly the scariest part of the lesson for me but I’m slowly getting more confident with them and I can definitely feel my technique improving. (I’m not body slamming into the water anymore so that’s always a good thing!!!)


Moving to the Advanced Level

At the end of the last lesson I had a chat with the instructor Susan and she told me that she thinks that I’m ready to move into the ‘advanced level’ of the lessons. I’m quite nervous to be honest but I’ll let you know how I get on with those lessons in my next blog post. The advanced lessons take place in the swimming lanes and from what I understand it’s structured like a  training session – so you do 200 meters to warm up, then work on sprints etc. I’m excited to work on my stamina in the water and I’ll be very surprised if I’ll still be able to walk after doing a 200 meter warm up – let alone sprints after that!


One of the things that has particularly surprised me is how great of a workout the swimming lessons have been. Because you’re concentrating on your technique for the whole class you actually forget how hard you’re working. Susan told us last night that we swam for about half a mile through out the class. That just blew my mind!!



All in all I’m delighted with the progress that I have made over the last month. I can really see an improvement in my technique and I feel a lot more confident in myself when I’m in the water. I think the fact that I’m moving into the ‘Advanced level’ now is a testament to that (even if I am a bit terrified)! I’ll let you know how I get on with the ‘Advanced’ lessons in my next blog post.

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