Aura Navan Swimming Lessons [Week 5-8]

Hi Guys and Gals and welcome back to my blogging series about my experience attending adult swimming lessons with Aura Leisure Center in Navan. Since my previous post I have now completed the full term (8 weeks) and I am absolutely delighted at how far I’ve come! If you had told me 8 weeks ago that I’d be able to swim for 2 kilometers without a problem I would have laughed.. but that’s exactly what I ended up doing!



As I mentioned in my last post, in week 5,  I was moved up to the advanced level which I was quite nervous about at the start. However under the guidance and encouragement from the instructor Susan, the transition from Intermediate to Advanced was made a lot easier. In the advanced level you basically just swim in the lanes and do a training session through which, you will end up swimming anything over a mile and a half. To be honest when I was told this was the distance we were aiming for I nearly had a mini-heart attack! Once you start doing it though, you really don’t realize how much you’re swimming. It’s quite relaxing really!

A Sample Session

I’ve had a few people as me what we would be doing in a typical session so I’m going to give a beakdown here:

  • Warm-up = 20 lengths
  • Sprints with active recovery (Sprint up and slow back) = 10 lengths
  • 5 x 100m = 20 lengths
  • Freestyle = 4 lengths
  • Back stroke = 4 lengths
  • Breast stroke = 4 lengths
  • Cool-down = 18 lengths

I always wear my heart rate monitor to the classes and here is a breakdown of the workout I did after one of the classes:


I didn’t realize how great swimming was for burning fat and also for improving your endurance levels.


All in all I have had an absolutely amazing time doing the lessons. I have made so much progress while doing them and I have to say I really do feel a lot more confident in the pool, especially when I’m in the swimming lanes. If you’d like any more information about the lessons just drop me a line – you can also get in touch with Aura on their Facebook page here.

Thanks for reading!

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