Aura Navan Swimming Lessons [Week 1]

Hey everyone and welcome back!

Today I’m writing a blog post about something new that I’m trying – swimming lessons! For those of you who know me you’ll know that I can swim fairly well (“fairly” being the operative word!). However, from doing the RLSS lifeguard course over the last two weekends it struck me that my technical ability could do with lot of work. It was because of this that when Aura asked me to write a blog post about their course of adult swimming lessons, I absolutely jumped at the opportunity!

Here’s a quick breakdown of the course itself:

Duration: 8 Weeks

Frequency: Once a Week

Length of Class: 1 Hour

Cost: €80.00

Days of the Week: Tuesdays or Thursdays

Location: Aura Navan Leisure Center


Day 1 not bold

I’m sorry to say that I missed the first lesson last week due to ilness so I’ll be blogging about the 2nd week of lessons today.

Before I went to the first lesson I have to admit that I was quite nervous! As with anything new there’s always that feeling that you’re going to embarrass yourself by doing something silly and looking stupid. I was also afraid that I was going to be told that I was a worse swimmer than I had initially thought!! However when I arrived to the pool all these fears and doubts were cast aside by the swimming teacher Ann Marie. She really made me feel at ease in the water and I knew that I was going to have a great class.


There were 3 different levels in the water – Starter, Intermediate and Advanced. From what I could gather the ‘starter’ level is for people who are at the start of their swimming journey. They were using floats, woggles, etc. The ‘intermediate’ level is foe people who can swim a bit but need to work on their technical ability. They also used floats at this level too. Then there is the ‘advanced’ level. This is for people who are comfortable to swim a length and who could do with working on their technical ability.

I was popped into the advanced level and I really couldn’t believe how much I learnt. We mainly concentrated on front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke in the classes yesterday. Before the classes actually started I thought that I was able to do these quite well but it’s amazing how much you can learn from a swim teacher watching you and correcting your technique. For instance I learnt that for the back stroke, that my arms were fine but I had a slight bend in my knees while I was kicking. It was because of this that my stomach always seemed to be under the water. With a simple correction from the teacher Ann Marie, not only was my stomach above the water, but I was going faster too.


All in all I came out of the lesson absolutely chuffed with myself! I really enjoyed the structure of the classes itself and the hour honestly flew by. I really can’t wait until next week to learn a bit more and work on my technique!

P.S it’s a great workout too! 🙂

If you’re thinking of giving the adult swim courses a go and you have some questions feel free to ask me anything. You can also get a bit more information by visiting Aura’s website here.

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