A Bloody Grill-iant Steak; Martello’s, Bray

So after we climbed Bray Head we were a little bit hungry.. and when I say a little I mean famished! And where better to quench the hunger than in Martello’s?!


I would have loved to have tried one (or two!) of their cocktails, their menu is just fab! But sadly I was driving but I’d definitely love to try one the next time I’m in Bray.

So anyway, on to the food.

I opted for a steak sandwich while the other half opted for turkey and ham…


According to the other half the turkey and ham was delicious and the steak sandwick was good too.. the only thing was the bottom slice bread was quite soggy when it came out and there was also a thick skin over the peppercorn sauce so I think it might have been sitting on a counter waiting for a server to collect it for a little while.

Having said that the server we had was just lovely, he was efficient, polite and really helpful.

We also had a visitor hop over to our table!


After the meal we hopped on over to Gino’s to have dessert.. you can read about that in my next post.

Hope you enjoyed this post and if you’ve ever eaten in Martello’s let me know what you thought in the comments section below.

Chat to you soon!

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