Festival Must Haves

My Festival Must Haves

Welcome to my post on my Festival Must Haves! As you might have seen, I’m just back from an amazing weekend spent at Sea Sessions in Bundoran in Co.Donegal (You can read more about my weekend here) and I decided to write you a quick post on a few of my festival must haves from the weekend. A lot of these things I literally couldn’t have lived without so I hope you pick up some helpful tips and tricks from this blog post!

  1. Good Rain Gear – An absolute essential if you’re going to a festival in Ireland – you know yourself that your always guaranteed the craic, but you’re never guaranteed the weather! I picked my rain jacket up in Tresspass. It mightn’t fit in with your festival style but it’s worth it when you get back to your tent and you’re not dripping wet!! A poncho is never a bad investment either – I picked mine up in one of the local shops and it saw me through the weekend.
Sea Sessions

(I developed a bit of a unhealthy addiction to Jammie Dodgers – they were 3 packs for €1.50 in Dealz so can you blame me really?!)

2. Nibbles – We took a trip into Dealz before the festival and picked up a few nibbles to get us through the weekend. Dealz is a great place to shop for those kinds of things! Nibbles will get you through the lull when you’re waiting to go down to the festival. Rice cakes and Beivita are never a bad idea either as they’ll provide you with a bit of soakage for the night ahead!!

3. A Self-Inflatable Mat – I picked my mat up in Aldi for €17.00 and I can hands down tell you that it was the best €17 that I’ve ever spent! Last year I only brought a yoga mat down with me and to say I was aching every morning I woke up is an understatement. I actually couldn’t believe how comfortable the mat actually was. One of the best things about this mat is the fact that it’s waterproof so if any drinks spill or if there’s a leak in your tent somewhere (we had a few of those!!) it’s easily dried as the mat doesn’t absorb the liquid. The one that I got is pictured to the right.


4. Water – Water is an absolute festival must have, especially on the morning after the night before when you wake up absolutely parched!!!! It’s also lovely to have a nice bottle of water waiting for you after a long day and night of dancing! I brought along one of Bodyfirst Nutrition’s 2.2 liter water bottles (they’re actually on sale at the minute) with me along with a few small bottles and this lasted me the weekend.

5. Plastic Bags – I know that this seems like a bit of an odd essential but don’t underestimate the power and versatility of a plastic bag!! They come in very handy not just for a bin, but also to put wet clothes in and muddy shoes in too. What actually happened to me was that there was a leak at the bottom of our tent so the bottom of my sleeping bag got soaked. What I did was let it dry for the day and then the next night I wrapped up the bit that I knew was going to get wet in a plastic bag – it worked like a charm!


6. Earplugs – I have to say that these are a major festival must have of mine. They will be an absolute savior for you if, like me, you’re a very light sleeper. In the campsite that we were in there was talking, laughing and singing going on until about 7am every morning so earplugs were an essential!! It will also block out the sound of the wind. On our last night there there was a storm (how our tent didn’t blow over I’ll never know) and these earplugs were the only reason I managed to get a bit of shut eye! I picked up mine in Boots.

7. Water Wipes – Wipes are just a general essential in my opinion! I used these Water Wipes for the first time at Sea Sessions and I easilly worked my way through at least half a pack. They’re very handy for spills, sticky fingers etc.


8. A Hoodie – another one of my festival must haves! I slept in my hoodie every night. Believe me when I say there’s nothing better than after a few hours of being out in the rain, coming back to your tent and getting changed into a nice and cosy hoodie.

9. A Decent Sleeping Bag – There’s definitely a lot to be said about investing in a good sleeping bag! It’s going to keep you warm and dry and if kept in good condition, will last you a lifetime (maybe that’s a slight exaggeration – it will last you a good few years anyway!!). Mine’s a Vango Lunar 250 and I got it in Argos a few years ago. Here’s the link.


So there you have it – my festival must haves to help you get through any festival that you may be going to over the next little while! If you’ve anything to add just mention it in the comment section! 🙂

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