The Louth Community Men’s Shed

A few weekends ago, myself and my family took a trip over to the Louth Community Men’s Shed in Drogheda as they were having an open day. If you’re not familiar with what the Men’s Shed is about, let me fill you in. It was a concept that was started in Australia (by women!) and it basically is an organization of men who are 50+ or who are retired that meet up and share the skills that they have with other members of the shed. It really is a great community of men and it was a delight to spend the day with them. Some of the stories that were told were just brilliant!

It was really a lovely day out. Have you ever heard of the Men’s Shed before? If so let me know in the comments below.

Here are some photographs that I took on the day – I’m definitely quite happy about the way that they turned out!

Some of the craftsmen at work:




Showing their talent…




There really was an amazing amount of talent on display – I will definitely be trying to start a Woman’s Shed somewhere!!!!

If you would like any information on the Men’s Shed just let me know in the comments section below. You can also get me on Facebook either!

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