Cliffs of Moher-0038

Cliffs of Moher Boat Cruise

Hey everyone and welcome to my latest post on my recent trip to the Cliffs of Moher.

First of all, if you’re setting off from Dublin I’d definitely recommend staying the night while you’re down there. We headed off at 7:30 in the morning and didn’t get home until 8pm with a solid 7 and a half hours of driving done! Lets just say that I was a write off for the rest of the evening!

We booked our cruise with a company called Doolin2Aran ferries. The cruise itself was great and I’d definitely recommend it however just not with this company. The boat was overpacked which made it difficult to see the cliffs and there was other boats that we could see that went a lot closer to the cliffs then we did, we literally went out beside the cliffs and then returned back to the pier. I’d say the photographs would have been phenomenal if we had got as close to the cliffs as some of the other boats did!!

I did still get some pretty great pics though! Another word of advise – bring a waterproof bag or plastic bag to protect your camera from the sea spray that will be coming onto the boat and bring a good warm jacket too!

These were the views before we set sail… (We were absolutely blessed with the weather!!)

Cliffs of Moher-0002

Cliffs of Moher-0004

Cliffs of Moher-0005

Cliffs of Moher-0008

And when we set sail…

Cliffs of Moher-0010

Cliffs of Moher-0011

Cliffs of Moher-0015

Cliffs of Moher-0016

Cliffs of Moher-0025

Cliffs of Moher-0026

Cliffs of Moher-0030

Cliffs of Moher-0036

You can get an idea of scale from all the people that look like dots at the top of the cliffs.. it’s mad isn’t it?!!

Cliffs of Moher-0038

Cliffs of Moher-0039

Cliffs of Moher-0045

Cliffs of Moher-0047

Cliffs of Moher-0052

Cliffs of Moher-0057

Have you been on one of these cruises before? If so let me know how you got on and what company you sailed with!





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