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Farnham Estate Hotel and Spa

Last Thursday I decided to head to Farnham Estate Hotel and Spa for a mini break away. It’s actually the third time that I’ve visited Farnham which I think speaks volumes in itself. I fell in love with the location on my first visit. It’s set amongst rolling fields that seem to go on forever. I was told that you can actually rent bikes from the hotel and cycle along the tracks through the fields and the forest. I didn’t get around to doing that this time but it’s definitely something that I’ll look into doing next time. I settled for a walk through the forest on this occasion and it was absolutely beautiful!

Another thing that I absolutely love about this hotel is the fact that there’s a spa there too.. it’s all the more reason to treat yourself. I booked myself in for a back, neck and shoulder massage on Friday morning and I felt absolutely great afterwards. I love the feeling of looseness and calmness after a massage!

When I arrived on Thursday the first thing I did was take a few pictures of the hotel and of the room itself:

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Then I ran myself a nice bubbly bubble bath..

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And after this, I placed an order for some room service and enjoyed it whilst watching Love Actually (my definition of a perfect night!!)

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I really had a fabulous night away – if you’re looking to get away by yourself for a night or two I’d definitely recommend having a look at Farnham. You really won’t regret it (don’t forget to book in for a spa treatment too!!)

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